Internship assigment - Usage of MQTT for Bosch HVAC IoT

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Internship assigment - Usage of MQTT for Bosch HVAC IoT

Internship assigment - Usage of MQTT for Bosch HVAC IoT

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Bosch develops heating and cooling system (HVAC) for residential and commercial markets. The energy market is changing rapidly to new energy and sustainable energy sources increasing the complexity of the HVAC system. To manage the increasing complexity, connectivity plays a more important role and therefore the number of connected appliances will increase rapidly.

By introducing MQTT as a communication protocol the needed load on the Bosch back-end and gateways is lowered. This and the protocol itself enhance the scalability leading to new possibilities like the introduction of digital twins.

Job Description

At PAB department we are developing a new gateway based on the current Bosch communication standards As next step the introduction of MQTT to replace current communication standards is foreseen. To investigate the feasibility, a prototype using MQTT (based on the new gateway) is developed connecting to a Bosch cloud. Next to the prototype, a business evaluation should be done to determine if MQTT would be a valid protocol from a business perspective.

The assignment excists of defining the current connectivity use cases, investigate feasibility of MQTT by building a prototype and to investigate if the MQTT can be used from a business perspective.

The assignment will consist of the following work packages

- Requirements definition based on the current and future IOT use cases within Bosch
- Involve different stakeholders to retrieve the functional requirements, quality attributes and constraints
- Architecture setup of the software to integrate MQTT into the new gateway.
- Design, develop and test the prototype software.
- Evaluate using MQTT from technical perspective
- Evaluate the MQTT from a business perspective


The assignment is meant for
- 1 or 2 students Software engineering
- 3rd or 4th year students
- 6 Month period, start September of 2021

Expected deliverables
- Prototype showing the feasibility of MQTT for the identified use cases.
- Technical evaluation usage of MQTT
- Busines evaluation usage of MQTT
- Documentation of the Requirement, architecture, design and development

If you are interested in this internship/graduation assignment, then do not hesitate and apply via the contact form!

Want to know more about the assignment? Then please contact Ivan Waterman ( or Jeroen Hasperhoven (+31648773860 or


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